basement rock

basement rockin\'it’s been a long time since i’ve been to a punk rock house party. at first i was nervous i would stand out because i’m about 15 years older than most of the ‘kids’ there, but after i looked around, i was relieved to notice a few familiar faces from shows long past and i relaxed a little. the beer helped too (hee hee). the atmosphere brought back a lot of memories and even the dj (yes, they had a dj at a punk rock house party!) played some old familiar tunes.

the house. where do i start. the house was just as i remember a punk rock party house to look like. the walls were full of graffiti and gig posters. the furniture was beaten up but comfy and colourful. there were beer bottles and cans and paper littering the floors. the lighting was dim and warm. there were people EVERYWHERE. people had left their own little comments and artwork on the tenants phone message board including a penis and a modified note that turned a simple ‘please return call’ message into a dirty poem.

i had originally decided to go because a friend of mine was playing there with her band but i ended up getting there too late to catch her set. there were two bands left to play. one local and one from montreal. we all descended a narrow staircase that led to a very dark and very cramped unfinished basement where the ‘stage’ was. the bands positioned themselves between the jackposts that supported the floors above and the crowd filled in any space that was left over. it was a lot of fun and i’m so glad i went. the music was awesome! not quite the music i remember and the crowd was a lot cleaner and more well behaved but it was still ‘punk’ in my books.

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