life. don’t talk to me about life.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – John Lydon

truer words were never spoken. you sure johhny rotten never worked for the post office? i wouldn’t be surprised if you told me he had. tomorrow is monday. bring. it. on.

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@expandafuzz is open for business. Thursday March 22 at Barfly in Montreal and Friday March 23 @barrobo in Ottawa. Will I see you there? Head! Pants! Now! (Nice shades) “I’m a dark star. I’m done. I glow in the headlights as I hit the street. All the way home he kissed me”. On non stop rotation since I got it last night. The new Breeders record brings back all the best of their Last Splash sound and vibe. #breeders #guitars #allnerve