welcome to my nightmare

i just got back from vegas last week. what a trip.

i went with a few girls from my roller derby team to take part in rollercon 2008. it’s a roller derby convention that’s in its third year. teams come from all over north america (and this year the world) to participate in derby workshops, networking and partying til you puke… in the pool no less!

what can i say about vegas…

it’s freakin’ HOT! i mean like really, really hot! like hell has nothing on how hot vegas is. the heat from the sidewalks comes right up through the soles of your shoes and burns your feet!

then there’s the strip. casino after gigantic casino. free shows and street acts and pirate ships full of women in lingerie (don’t ask). fountains that spray jets of water to music. roller coasters on top of hotels. prostitutes delivered to you in 20 minutes or less. slushy drinks that come in life-sized plastic guitar shaped containers (it even came with a strap so you could sling it over your shoulder). performers you thought had died long ago playing the flamingo or the sahara or harrah’s. and last but not least… ‘dealertainers‘ like the one in the pic. bored with the usual grim-faced blackjack dealers? why not sit at a table where alice cooper or marilyn monroe or even j-lo will deal your cards, take your money and later lip sync a song or two.

getting around vegas. ahhh yes. this was a major source of pain for me and the girls. public transportation, it seems, was an afterthought. the city has grown so much in the past ten years that public transit couldn’t keep up. there are too few buses and wait times are too long inbetween. if you’re crazy enough you can walk the strip, but even though they appear close together the casinos are soooo large that to walk from one to the next involves lots of planning. do you have enough sunscreen on? have you got enough water? are the soles of your shoes thick enough? is your destination even worth the walk? i mean one casino is pretty much like the other. same shit, different theme. why would you want to leave the icy cold air conditioning of the casino you’re currently in anyway? you REALLY must be crazy! hehe.

did i mention vegas was really hot?

but this trip wasn’t a complete nightmare. rollercon was a blast and i met so many cool people and learned so much! and vegas, it turns out, had so much more to offer than i expected. the surrounding hills were gorgeous. there were beautiful canyons and red-faced rock formations just minutes from the city. there were mountain goats and joshua trees and friendly leather-faced cowboys on horseback. there were sunsets that left an orange halo over the hills that surround the valley. there were stretches of desert that wound out of the city in all directions. there were night skies filled with more stars than i have ever seen all at once. and even the city itself was beautiful under the cover of night as all the hotels and casinos lit up and sparkled like jewels. those are the things i think i’ll remember the most.

what else can i say about vegas? just this…

i’m so glad to be home.

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