Wrestlers and hockey and smurfs. Oh my!


forget peter cottontail. this year’s easter weekend was all about wrestlers and hockey and smurfs!

after years of hearing all kinds of crazy fun stories of rock & roll hockey tournaments past, i packed my bags, hitched a ride with some good friends and made my way to toronto for the 2009 exclaim cup hockey summit to check it out firsthand.

what a blast! those boys and girls played some damn good hockey during the day and followed it up with some kick ass rockin’ & rollin’ in the evening.

i didn’t see the easter bunny, but i did see jesus, god, some mexican lucha libre, several comic book superheros, the gibb brothers (living and dead), rude boys, burger kings, drag queens and smurfs. and those were just a few of the characters that came out to rock the rink this easter.

sorry mr. easter bunny, but you’ve got some serious easter weekend competition.

i can’t wait to see who shows up next year!

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@expandafuzz is open for business. Thursday March 22 at Barfly in Montreal and Friday March 23 @barrobo in Ottawa. Will I see you there? Head! Pants! Now! (Nice shades) “I’m a dark star. I’m done. I glow in the headlights as I hit the street. All the way home he kissed me”. On non stop rotation since I got it last night. The new Breeders record brings back all the best of their Last Splash sound and vibe. #breeders #guitars #allnerve