and the winner of the door prize is…

no, that's not my bike---but it could have been!

…always the door, of course!

I was door prized yesterday. for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when a stupid asshole motorist opens a car door in the path of your oncoming bicycle because they were too f*cking stupid to check first ignorant, or perhaps too distracted to think there may be a bicycle coming. in this case i was luckier than most. i had just come off a red light and wasn’t yet trucking along at full speed so the impact wasn’t as deadly as it had the potential to be.

so what did i win? a bruised and scraped hand, a banged and scraped knee and one bent-to-shit front brake.

i’m sore and disappointed yet again with many motorist’s general ignorance when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists, but i’m alive to bike another day, so maybe i won the best prize after all.

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