no comments or feedback necessary

a blog i frequently visit posted today that the the site may be discontinued due to lack of reader comments and feedback. this got me to thinking.

why do i blog?

while i do appreciate anyone who may bother to read my rambling thoughts, i have to admit, i’m not doing this for anyone but myself. i started this blog to get a few thoughts out of my head and into cyberspace for no other reason than it’s another outlet. honestly, i’ve seen my stats. i know no one is reading (or very few are) and that’s okay with me.

if there IS someone reading my blog, i only have this to say.

i could care less if you like it, hate it, are indifferent, think i’m brilliant, or think i’m a retard.

this is my kitchen and i’ll cook what i please. if you want to consume what i’ve created, awesome. if you don’t—well, there are plenty other places to eat.

bon appetit!

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