found: christmas awe

another year is coming to an end and i find myself thinking of christmases past.

some people adults talk about the lost sense of child-like wonder and holiday magic that happens when you ‘grow up’, as if something swoops in to take its place when you reach a certain age. maybe it’s the stresses of work and family or the hectic pace of modern life. maybe it’s the threat of a future that’s increasingly uncertain.

whatever it is, they claim it robbed them of their sense of wonderment and they long for the feelings they had when the world seemed bigger and brighter and their problems so much simpler.

i’ve been guilty of this myself and so i think about that a lot this time of year.

my thought? i don’t think that child-like feeling of joy really goes away, i just think you choose to ignore it.

and why would you ignore something you long for?

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