2012, i’m ready for ya!

photo via apartmenttherapy.com

wow! another year is over and gone and a new one has just begun.  i really want to pay much more attention to this blog, or whatever it is i am doing here.  i’ve got a few ideas on the go to keep me online and updating a little more frequently in 2012.  some ideas include:

12 months of bears for me, 2012 is the year of the bear (even though it’s really the year of the dragon).  i’ve been obsessed with bears these days and so i’ve decided to create a bear illustration for each month of the year.  so many bears, not enough months in the year.  hope you enjoy.

more examples of posters and artwork i do for rock shows/albums/whatever. because it’s fun.

more photography. i’ve been grossly neglecting my camera and that’s sad because i enjoy taking photographs. whether or not they are good photographs is up to the viewer. i just like taking them and isn’t that enough?

more music. both playing and listening to. i love music.  it’s what keeps me going and inspires me.  i’m lucky enough to know some fantastic and very talented musicians and their dedication and drive to keep creating always blows me away.

i hope 2012 is a good year.  no.  let me rephrase that.  2012 WILL be a good year.

hey, 2012.  bring.  it.

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