I love a good Cinderella story

they just don’t make furniture like they used to and if you do find someone who happens to make it the way they used to, you will pay and pay…and pay.

i love clean modern lines and had been searching for the perfect sofa and chair for years now. that’s not to say i haven’t found any i liked. i found plenty, but i really didn’t like the price. some sofas alone were priced as high as 7,000!

then i finally found them—the perfect mid-century sofa and chair—from a friend of mine who needed to unload some items quickly. she gave me an awesome deal too, but they did need a lot of work. they were sturdy and the frame was solid hardwood and not shitty particle board, but the upholstery was trashed. still i couldn’t resist.

i was a bit intimidated and a little unsure if they were salvageable, but i found a great upholsterer who took great pride in restoring these amazing items to their former glory.

the cost? well, not as cheap as i’d hoped for, but TOTALLY worth every penny—and in the end, i couldn’t have found a sofa and chair of the same quality for the price i paid.

i am in love.



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3 comments on “I love a good Cinderella story
  1. Oh that is an incredible transformation. I too gravitate towards clean lines. I adore the fabric you went with – is it charcoal? And I cannot stand arms on sofa’s being too tall/high. You have some serious winning going on.

    I unfortunately know exactly what animal destroyed the original fabric! I am fortunate though to have two well behaved ones at home.

  2. rhonda says:

    amazing. i have a mid-century couch and chair (family hand-me-down) that I did a semi-decent upholstering job on… except that i picked a fabric that is irresistible to my otherwise well-behaved cats. when it is finally time to redo them again i want to have them done professionally. can you share the name of the folks who did this?

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