a r t – Amazing work. – Oliver Jeffers amazing sketchbooks. – Mark Mothersbaugh. Brilliant musician and artist. – Beautiful needlework. – Fantastic fiiiine art!!!!! – W.O.W. Killer. – Damn! They make me want to make art!!! – Blows me away!

m u s i c – Campista Socialista. – This man is a genius with a guitar and he’s got a big heart too.

d e r b y – Roller derby brings some edge to Ottawa. Introducing the Rideau Valley Roller Girls!

i n s p i r a t i o n

My Wheele house – This girl knows her treasure from her trash!

m i s c .  t i m e s u c k – Bikes and badasses.

’60s POP – Interpreting 1960s pop culture with somewhat bemused detachment.

Ottawa Ephemera – found objects and photos.

The Mighty Boosh – “I’m old Gregg, mutha-fucka!”

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