12 months of bears – 2012

i’ve been obsessed with bears these days and so i’ve decided to create a bear illustration for each month of the year.  so many bears, not enough months in the year  (all illustrations are copyright meltingplastic).

december 2012: Bear No. 12

bear no. 12

bear no. 12

november 2012: Bear No. 11

bear no. 11

october 2012: Bear No. 10

bear no. 10

september 2012: Bear No. 9

bear no. 9

august 2012: Bear No. 8

bear no. 8

july 2012: Bear No. 7

Bear No. 7

june 2012: Bear No. 6

Bear No. 6

may 2012: Bear No. 5

Bear no. 5

april 2012: Bear No. 4

Bear No. 4

march 2012: Bear No. 3

Bear No. 3

february 2012: Bear No. 2

Bear No. 2

January 2012: Bear No. 1

Bear No. 1

4 comments on “12 months of bears – 2012
  1. Drake Collingwood says:

    For some reason, this comes to mind…

    Be Like a Bear!
    By George Carlin

    I’m aware some stare at my hair.
    In fact, to be fair,
    Some really despair of my hair.
    But I don’t care,
    Cause they’re not aware,
    Nor are they debonair. In fact, they’re just square.

    They see hair down to there,
    and say, “Beware” and go off on a tear! I say, “No fair!”
    A head that’s bare is really nowhere.

    So be like a bear, be fair with your hair! Show it you care.
    Wear it to there. Or to there. Or to there, if you dare!

    My wife bought some hair at a fair, to use as a spare.
    Did I care? Au contraire! Spare hair is fair! In fact, hair can be rare.
    Fred Astaire got no hair, Nor does a chair, Nor a chocolate éclair,
    And where is the hair on a pear? Nowhere, mon frère!

    So now that I’ve shared this affair of the hair,
    I’m going to repair to my lair and use Nair, do you care?

  2. meltingplastic says:


  3. ottawaephemera says:

    I totally love these!

  4. Pat says:

    I finally get around to looking for your bear illustrations. Blew my mind. I freaking love each and every one of them.

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