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This kitty is inspired by vintage tattoos and the swagger of those guys and gals who wore them. That glare, that snarl, and those ferocious teeth? Truth be known, this vintage cat was a spectacular bitch to design, cut out

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Cosy. Classic. Wool.

I can’t resist the cosy, comforting lure of wool. Nothing compares to the versatility, warmth and classic style of a finely milled blanket. As a result of my inability to resist its charms, I have managed to collect quite a

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each day

I wake up and I’m fine With my dreamings still on my mind But it don’t take long, you see For the demons to come and visit me And I’ve got my problems Sometimes love don’t solve them And I

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Typography is fun!

Playing with type on a rainy day. Thanks to AviaT Studios for the amazing online tutorial. Give it a try!

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hop hop

spring, where are you?

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