It’s the stitching that makes it.

Why spend all that time stitching on the appliqués? Why don’t I just glue my pennants together?

I have been asked this many times in the past year.

Here’s why.

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Hooray Christmas!

Vintage pennant Christmas tree skirt (image via

Vintage pennant Christmas tree skirt (image via

Looking for a great way to decorate for the holidays using your vintage pennants? Look no further!

Just check out this amazing vintage pennant Christmas tree skirt  tutorial from HGTV.

So cool!

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TIPS: Don’t Just Hang Your New Pennant. Hang It Awesome.

Vertically challenged? I think not!

Vertically challenged? I think not!

Now that you’ve got your prized pennant home and ready for display, there are a few things to keep in mind to protect your investment in these hand-made unique pieces.


  • Hang vertically! This is my fave!
  • Use bulldog clips
  • Use a dowel: Smart and pro looking. And hey: That’s what those tabs are for!
  • Hang horizontal: Cool, but remember to stay true to the shape. Keep the back of the pennant parallel to the edge of the wall.
  • Frame them: Hit those IKEA bins to display and protect
  • Hang from a string like bunting


  • Use pins: Hole damage!
  • Use nails: Ouch
  • Screws: These will destroy the felt
  • Align bottom of pennant parallel with floor when hanging horizontally. Stay true to the shape and don’t stretch your pennant.

There are many ways to protect your investment and display your artwork for years to come!

Bring some Nature into it. (photo via apartment therapy)

Bring some Nature into it. (photo via apartment therapy)


preeeeeety (photo:

Together forever. (photo via apartment therapy)

Together forever. (photo via apartment therapy)

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Support Local Month

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The Apt 613 Support Local month campaign was top of mind for folks attending this past Friday’s Holiday Assembly where I set up shop for the incredibly successful Spins and Needles event.

The place was decked out for attendees to comfortably float about and check out everything from decadent baked goods to hand made fashion to hand crafted ukes and guitar pedals.

DJs spun just above the din (have you heard Black Nasty? Damn…) and you could really feel the seasonal festive vibe starting to flow…not to mention see the festive juices starting to flow as evidenced by the long bar lines and boisterous revellers!

Thanks to everyone who popped by the meltingplastic table for a chat! We were happy to sell a bunch of our recent pennants and pillows and look forward to tackling the custom orders you’ve requested. It’s going to be a busy December!

Just a couple of the amazing merchants I dropped in on:
Twiss and Weber: Hand made clothes from these amazing fashionistas in Westboro.
ByTown Ukes: My market neighbours: beautiful wood ukeleles, hand made in Ottawa.
Instant Crimson: Fun jewellery, magnets and more…
Hot Sass: These Montrealers bottled up a wicked hot sauce. I bought the Caribbean Cat.
Fairfield Circuitry: Industrial designed boutique guitar pedals they sound as beautiful as they look.

Next up: Idle Hands this coming Sunday!Our tables will be set up and we’ll be looking forward to meeting you. More details later this week…

Spins and Needles recap here

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Some say that honestly is the best fallacy.

But therein lies the rub: A felt rose by any other material would still be a pain in the arse to sew.

Especially one this honest and able.

I kid you not.

Interested in your own custom design? Contact me.

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