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Not much. What’s new with you? Long time no hear from, eh? It was another long, hard winter here in big, bad Ontario and yours truly spent most of it hiding under a mountain of blankets and eating myself into

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Spring feels like it’s never going to arrive. Until then I’ll keep myself busy dreaming of bike rides in the warm sunshine and sewing up a storm in preparation for the Urban Craft Market taking place on Saturday, March 15

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It’s the stitching that makes it.

Why spend all that time stitching on the appliqués? Why don’t I just glue my pennants together? I have been asked this many times in the past year. Here’s why.

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Support Local Month

The Apt 613 Support Local month campaign was top of mind for folks attending this past Friday’s Holiday Assembly where I set up shop for the incredibly successful Spins and Needles event. The place was decked out for attendees to comfortably float about and check out

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Some say that honestly is the best fallacy. But therein lies the rub: A felt rose by any other material would still be a pain in the arse to sew. Especially one this honest and able. I kid you not.

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