2006 dreams

october 17th, 2006

this time i dreamed i was the captain of a large fishing boat at sea. there was a huge wooden junker following us. it had three masts and wooden sails. i was afraid to let it get too close. when it got closer to my ship, it exploded and i could see bodies being thrown into the into the water. my crew jumped into the water to try and save them but they turned out to be evil spirits. each time one of the crew approached a body and tried to rescue it, the spirit would take hold of it’s rescuer and drag him under the water to drown. i tried to swim away but two spirits took hold of me and dragged me under.

then the sea turned into a large swimming pool full of people. people were thrashing around and laughing and splashing each other. i was swimming under the water beneath them. i could breathe under water for a few minutes at a time. it was a very strange feeling. peaceful and quiet. i hated to come up for air because it was loud and chaotic above the water and i knew that each time i did, i couldn’t hold my breath as long as the time before.

october 16th, 2006

i dreamed i was a samurai warrior. i was in a big old edwardian house with another samurai and i had to peel 600 peacock feather ‘eyes’ off the wallpaper on the walls or i would face death. a small magical japanese woman came to the window and blew away all my opponent’s peacock feather eyes. then she showered me with thousands of copper eyes with tiny skulls on them. i was laying down in them and covering myself up with them.

when i won the competition, my opponents and i went to the basement where we had to stop an evil man from taking over the world. he had a jet engine (it was way before jets were invented) and he was trying to sell it to the government for 4 million dollars. he got it from sort of time machine or something. after we foiled his plans, we had to escape but the magic japanese woman was at the window and i was afraid to jump out because i thought she would chop at me with the cleaver she was holding. one of the warriors i was with jumped through her window and she chopped his hand. he cried tears of joy and kept telling me how much he loved her and that he was so honoured that she would chop him etc… weird.

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