2007 dreams

o l d e r d r e a m s

january 9, 2007

i dreamed the i was laverne from laverne and shirley except i was middle aged and i was going to highschool and trying to make out with all the boys. they didn’t seem to mind. they were all older too. The school bus dropped me off at my house and shirley seemed disappointed in me when she saw me hanging out with all the boys on the back of the bus.

Then I dreamed I was 16 and i was dating an ultra-christian boy whom i really liked a lot. His parents said it was alright if i slept over at their house because they trusted us together. i wanted so badly to seduce him but he seemed unsure. finally i convinced him. he never even took off his pajamas and i noticed that he had really big boobs! d-cup size boobs. anyway, once he came he turned really cold to me and told me to leave. he didn’t want to see me anymore. he left the room so i could get my things together. i got angry and trashed his room and broke a bottle of wine and spilled it all over his bed. i felt bad right away because i knew his parents would be angry with him for having alcohol in his room. by then there was nothing i could do. he shooed me out of his house and told me never to call him again.

jan 2 2007

i was in my old bedroom at my mom’s with M.Y. and we were naked and kissing and having a really good time. then all of a sudden i heard a dirt bike in the distance and i said we should get our clothes on real fast. so we did. just then my mother came walking into the room without knocking. she needed me to come down to the river quickly. when i got there, there were three women standing in the water. they were wearing colourful indian saris. they kept reaching into the river and pulling out handfuls of noodles which they then ate. they also ate their saris. my mother was complaining that she would eat her sari too but it was not as fancy or of the same high quality as the three women’s. she blamed my father for this. she started to go on and on about how he ruined her life. i was embarrassed and asked her to stop. the saris tasted like artichoke.

then i dreamed i was on a big boat with 7 other people. they held some kind of weird survivor game on the boat. it was a huge freighter that they built the set into. there were obstacle courses and crazy climbing structures that were 3 or 4 stories in height! everything was made out of rough wood and 2x4s. the freighter was eerie and dark and felt sort of haunted. creepy.

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